Laptop Repairs

This is a laptop a client just brought in. If you notice in the picture, most of the keys are missing or broken. This is due to her 2 year playing with her laptop.

Laptop Repair Connecticut

Laptop Repair Hartford, CT

Not a problem for the techs at PC Repair of CT. We have the right keyboards for the right laptops and the job goes smoothly. Affordable and no hidden costs.

In fact at PC Repair of CT we DO NOT charge for diagnostics. The big guys do. Not sure why. We will check out your laptop and or computer at no charge. After we find out whats wrong, we can give you an estimate on the repairs. Not worth the repair. No Problem. Take your computer home with you and think about it or maybe its time for a new one.

Finding and getting rid of viruses is our specialty. We can remove most viruses and save your data. In some cases the virus is so bad that we recommend that you start off with a new hard drive and we can get all the data off your old drive and move it to the new drive.

Not sure what to do. Well, first call us and tell us what your problem is what your computer. We can go from there. We are located in downtown Hartford, CT. If you get us the computer early, we might just have it ready for you by the end of the day.

Call first!


Microsoft ended support of Windows XP on Tuesday

Leaving the many still clinging to the outdated software exposed to cyberattacks.


Upgrade your computer to Windows 7

The operating system is now 12 years old, so Microsoft is no longer providing security updates that patch holes in the software. The danger now is that hackers who find bugs in XP will be able to exploit them freely.

PCREPAIRofCT can help with this problem. From removing old data off your windows xp hard drive and updating your current operating system to Windows 7.

Windows XP isn’t just running on the dusty, discarded PC in your closet. It’s everywhere, threatening devices that store sensitive information and computers that keep the city lights on and water running.

Microsoft will end support for the persistently popular Windows XP on Tuesday, and the move could put everything from the operations of heavy industry to the identities of everyday people in danger.

An estimated 30 percent of computers being used by businesses and consumers around the world are still running the 12-year-old operating system.

You don’t have to through away your computer. Most computers have the minimal requirments to run Windows 7. If not, then its time for a new computer.

Unfortunatley all new computers carry Windows 8. Take about a BEAR. No good words about this program.

Infact if your good with XP and JUMP to Windows 8, you are in the education and frustration of your life.

Don’t believe me. Try it for yourself.

At PCRepairofCT, their are no diagnostic fees. We check out your computer for free.

Then we tell you what you need and you go from there.

Located in downtown Hartford, you can leave it for us in the morning and most cases pickup later at night.

CAll Today


Laptops and Computer Repair at Affordable Prices in Hartford

At PC Repair of CT we do all of our diagnostics for FREE. We do not CHARGE you to look and figure out what is wrong with your computer.

Computer Repair CT

Computer Repair Services Hartford, CT

We put it on our bench and find out exactly what is wrong and what it will cost to fix it

We do not put Hugh Price Markups like the other guys.

From screens, to keyboards, to hard drives to viruses, we can do it all. Locally.

We do quality work at affordable prices. We want you to be happy when you leave.

We can take data off of your old hard drives and move it to the new computer.

Data like movies, pictures, video’s and documents can easily be moved to another computer.

Viruses can really do a number on your computer.

At PC Repair of CT, we are MASTERS at removing viruses and making your computer virus free.

Call us today to setup an appointment to look or fix your laptop or computer.

Its no charge to look at it.

Whatever the problem is, we can fix it.


Laptops and Desktops Repaired Here … Great Pricing… Forget BestBuy

Laptop issues. XP and Vista problems. Viruses. Bluescreens. Slow Computers. Cracked Screens.

Laptop repair ct

Laptop and Computer Repairs at affordable pricing

They can all be repaired here at, located in Hartford Connecticut.

We offer pickup and delivery services.

On your way to work, drop off the unit and in most cases you can pickup in the evening.

Our technical staff works on all brands of computers EXCEPT MACS.

Some of our services include:

  • Business Networking
  • Expert Advice
  • Help
  • Maintenance
  • Network Repair
  • Networking
  • Problems
  • Repair for your business or home
  • Repair Services
  • Home Networking
  • HP, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, Toshiba, Sony, Custom Built Repairs
  • IT Consultant Services
  • Network Help and Services
  • Network Security
  • Notebook or Laptop Repair
  • On site Computer Service
  • Online Networking
  • Online Tech Support
  • PC Help
  • PC Problems
  • PC Repair
  • PC Repairs
  • Repair or Installation of a Computer Network
  • Server Repair
  • Server Support
  • Slow PC
  • Tech Support
  • Technical Support
  • Wireless and Internet Networking

As you can see from the list, we can service all types of computers and get them running better then when you first brought them in. We are affordable and not expensive like the big guys.

New Email Virus November 11, 2013

New computer virus causes havoc

A powerful new computer virus was today causing havoc with e-mail systems across the world.

Experts described the virus, called Goner, as one of the fastest-spreading they had yet seen and warned computer users to immediately delete it if they received it.

Alex Shipp, spokesman for anti-virus service MessageLabs, said: “It’s spreading with tremendous speed and thousands of users in Britain have already been sent it.

“The virus mass mails itself out through e-mail and attempts to destroy anti-virus software on computers, which could prove extremely problematic for those unfortunate enough to receive it.”

The infected e-mail has the word “Hi” as its subject and body text which reads “When I saw this screen saver, I immediately thought about you. I am in a harry (sic), I promise you will love it.” Its attachment is labelled “gone.scr.”

It was first detected this morning in the US but experts believe it was created in Europe.

The US, the UK and France are the worst hit of the 17 countries affected so far.

Mr Shipp said: “We had a handful of reports this morning but at mid-afternoon in the UK it went mad. We have had about 30,000 reports and the figure is rising.”

A criminal investigation has now been launched in an effort to track down the person responsible for the virus.

Previous viruses, such as Love Bug, Code Red and the Nimda Worm caused problems for millions of computer users across the world.


Computer Repair Downtown Hartford


Located in downtown Hartford, PC Repair of CT provides same day repair on most computers and laptops. Infected computers can now be fixed.

pc, laptops, computers, Hartford

Free computer diagnostics

If you laptop screen is broken or the keys are missing on the keyboard or other problems, they can all be repaired.  Slow computers, blue screens, no turn ons can all be fixed.

Affordable pricing beats all the competition. Our FREE diagnostics ensures that we pinpoint the problems with your machine.

Updates, backups and file recovery are some of our services offered. With a staff of friendly technicians, you get first class service.

CALL today to setup an appointment to have your computer looked at and fixed. Go home happy knowing that you saved a bunch of money$$.


Laptops and Computer Repairs all at affordable prices and nearby location

Located in downtown Hartford, PC Repair of CT provides laptop and computer repair for all models of computers.
From broken screens, missing keys, bluescreen or crashed hard drives, we can repair all type of machines.

computer repair services located in downtown Hartford

computer repair services located in downtown Hartford

Bring in your machine today for a FREE diagnosis. No Strings Attached.

We want you to be happy and your computer to work, right!

Virus Removal
100% success ratio
all new variants caught
we succeed where others failed
Spyware Removal
Remove pop-ups and spyware
Speed up your computer
Remove security risks
Slow Computer Issues
Repair Registry Errors
Remove unused applications
Optimize Performance
General Compuer Problems
Blue Screen of Death
Windows won’t boot
Applications won’t startup
Wireless Networking
Secure your wireless network
Protect your information
Add new computers to your network
Hardware Upgrades
System RAM Upgrades
Install SSD’s
Accelerate Gaming and Graphics

Local and Affordable IT Services Hartford CT

Computer and Consulting Hartford CT

Computer Services Hartford CT

Located in Hartford, CT, PC Repair of CT (DTG) has been providing computer services for the past 20 years.

Virus removal, broken laptop screens and keyboards, network and wiring and much more.

Services we provide include:
  • IT Services and Systems Design
  • New Business Startup Projects
  • Computer Repair Services
  • Hosted Email Messaging
  • Managed Services Plans for SMBs
  • Data and Voice Cabling
  • Network Security System Reviews
  • Remote and Home Office Support
  • Voice Over IP (VOIP) Phone Systems
  • Document Management / Imaging Systems
  • Consulting for Special IT Projects
  • Website Design / Application Development
¬†Today’s small businesses need all the breaks that can get.

Being local and affordable are 2 qualities that you have to notice.

Experience in PC Repair and consulting have been in our blood for years.

Other services include:

Products and Services


    • System Clean up & Tune Up
    • Windows Repair
    • Virus & Spyware Removal
    • Internet Connection Repair
    • Laptop Power Jack
    • Desktop & Laptop Repair
    • Laptops LCD Screen
    • Network / Wireless Setup & Installation
    • IT Outsourcing
    • Online Backup Data
    • Remote Support

We also provide pickup and delivery services as well as in-house repair.

Give us a call today and save some money.



Slow Laptop Broken Screen Missing Keys

At pcrepair of ct, located in downtown Hartford, our friendly staff can help you save money and walk away with a fixed laptop or computer.

Computer Services

Repair, Installations and IT Services

Broken screens seem to be on the rise. Before we recommend a new screen we like to see your computer and make sure that there is no other damage before you spend money on a new screen.

Best Buy or PC Richards will charge to evaluate your computer. NOT HERE.

No charge to look at the computer and tell you what your options are.

Once a screen has been selected, you can order online the parts and when they come in, but it back to us for the installation.

Best Buy and PC Richards will mark up the screen to make a profit.


You buy it on your credit card avoiding any type of mark up.

Bring us the new screen or keyboad and give us a couple of hours to install it and test the computer out.

Then you come and pick it up.

Its that simple.

If your computer is running slow, it could be a virus or a bunch of viruses.

We can help you remove the viruses and if your system is too messed up, we can remove the data off your hard drive and transfer it to a new hard drive or new computer.

Small businesses. This is your time to listen.

You can’t afford a professional IT staff full time.

With our “block of time” you pay only for IT services that you recieve.

Pc Repair of CT has been doing business in the Hartford area for the past 15 years.

Our company provides the best in computer repair services and IT consulting.

Give us a call today and let us help you clean up your computer problems.



Broken LapTop Screens

No matter how careful we are accidents just happen.

broken laptop screen

Repair easy

Electronic instruments like laptops break very easy as some of us have already found out. Wrong place Wrong time.

At PC Repair, its easy to repair the screen

Call us first and provide us with the computers model number. We will then lookup for you the replacements screen link. and sent to your via email the link where you can order the screen. No markup’s here. Once you get the screen in less then a week average, you bring it to us. For $75 we will install your new screen. Go ahead and compare. You will be very surprised.

Other services that we offer are virus removal and data recovery.

Simple things make us work better.

Remember, always backup your data!